Helping clients deliver superior business and marketing problem-solution output from critical research/insight projects

  • For high profile projects:  Mike is especially able to synthesize what a piece of research means, connect it to core business issues and therefore generate more “insight”.  He is able to help on a critical projects at the beginning, in getting it scoped right, making sure the design meets the business needs, guiding the analysis to generate practical insight and insuring the communications of the findings are clear, concise and relevant.
  • Reviewing an entire research program.  Too often individual pieces get done without a sense of how they fit together and how they address a business’ need for information on key issues.  We therefore will look across existing research and often uncover new insights by connecting the dots while suggesting missing gaps.
  • Cost Savings. He can often also suggest how to save money by combining existing programs or resizing them with more appropriate sampling or design.



Mike is available to: deliver speeches, hold discussions and seminars on the above and more, he will tailor for groups or individual companies and their unique challenges and needs. Click here to contact him.