Building CRM/Big Consumer Data abilities and skills

  • Mike started McKinsey’s CRM practice in the early 90’s and has supported CRM/Big Consumer Data programs in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.
  • He  helped clients start CRM programs, using a proven pilot based test and learn approach.  This same approach is also valid for pushing existing programs into higher performance levels
  • Mike Sherman has also helped clients consider how to integrate the strengths of CRM/Big Consumer Data and custom research as the future of actionable customer insight is to integrate CRM and  traditional research.  Today’s CRM is good understanding what people do and how to reach them; custom research helps explain why people act as they do and offers insights into how to profitably change that behavior


Mike is available to: deliver speeches, hold discussions and seminars on the above and more, he will tailor for groups or individual companies and their unique challenges and needs. Click here to contact him.